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Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Do you only repair Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Toyota and Scion vehicles?

A. No. We repair all makes and models. You name it, we can repair it.

Q. Do I need to schedule an appointment for an estimate?

A. No. We allow our customers to stop in for an estimate at any time during business hours. However, you are welcome to make an appointment if you prefer.

Q. Do I need to schedule an appointment to have the repair completed, or can I drop my vehicle off at anytime?

A. We do prefer that we have a scheduled time set to bring your vehicle in for repair. The reason for this is we simply do not want to over-book our work week. With a scheduled repair date this will allow us to have the necessary parts to start the repair. Of course tow-ins are welcome around the clock and without an appointment.
Keep in mind, we have a 24-hour drop-box adjacent to the Collision Center shop office door allowing for after hour drop offs.

Q. Do I need more than one estimate for the damages on my car?

A. No. We have "Direct Repair" relationships with most Insurance Companies. Simply put, we act as the adjuster for the Insurance Company by writing the estimate, taking photos and sending directly to the Insurance Company for approval.

This Direct Repair approach allows us to move quicker and get started without the wait of your Insurance adjuster and the hassle of having to schedule to schedule an appointment with the adjuster. This approach also applies for any hidden damage found throughout the repair process. If there is hidden damage found we simply take photos take photos to support the damage and move forward with the repair without having to wait for the adjuster to approve the extra damage. The end result... We get you back on the road sooner than expected!

Q. How long will I be without my vehicle?

A. This depends on the amount of damage to the vehicle. Some repairs can be done the same day while larger more extensive repairs may take weeks to repair.

Q. Do we have what it takes to earn your business?

A. Absolutely! Let us show you why customers have been bringing there car back to Riley Collision Center for 80 years!