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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Before You Hit The Road

  • Battery power drops as the temperature drops, test your battery during routine maintenance
  • Winter tires provide a flexible and deep tread, consider installing them for long-term winter weather conditions
  • Check the tread on tires, especially if using all-season tires, and replace them if less than 2/32 of an inch
  • Clear debris, ice and snow from any exterior camera lenses
  • If snow or ice collects on your vehicle, be sure to remove as much as you can before driving
  • Clear ice on wiper blades, including rear window blades if applicable
  • Warm your vehicle prior to driving, but do not run your vehicle in a garage
Car Sliding in Snow on Road
vehicles on snow covered roadway with warning sign of slippery road conditions

Avoiding a Collision 

  • Do not use cruise control in winter weather conditions
  • If you happen to skid, steer in the direction of the skid - this will help you stay in your lane when your wheels regain traction
  • Accelerate slowly and do not get in a hurry
  • When following vehicles, increase the distance between your vehicle and others by 10 seconds
  • Only pull off onto the shoulder during an emergency - low visibility means others won't see your vehicle on the shoulder


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Stay safe driving your vehicle in winter weather conditions in Jefferson City, Missouri.